voice AI for Digital ad agencies with Alexa Voice Skills and Google Voice Skills
  • Cross promote your brand with our customer base (51 million users/listeners on platform)
  • 473K users/listeners in the phoenix metro area
  • Growing 327% year-over- year
  • Add voice products to your brand (private labeled) to round out your product offering
  • Partnering revenue shares

Option 1 Branded Skill/App - Gives the brand the ability to announce specials, deals and interact with customers to learn information about the company while empowering their customers.      This option empowers customers of the brand to even place orders and get support for the organization.

The process is simple, EasyVoice points the patented voice platform to a customers content site and is able to share information with the companies customers dynamically.

Option 2 Local Deal Profile  - Empowers companies to join a local Groupon like list of companies to share their latest deals, specials and coupons within a local area without the need to have their own skill/app.

Companies submit their latest special, deal, coupon, sale to the site.  Customer simply ask their Voice enabled speaker (Alexa/Google)  for the latest local deals in a city and receive nearby specials, deals and offers.