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Your Business on Streaming TV

Advertise to the millions of shoppers cutting the cord and moving to streaming media for a few cents a year!

48.6 million U.S. households dropping cable by 2024.

In  2019, 34% of U.S. households will no longer have a traditional pay TV subscription.

EasyVoice makes it simple to get your message to the millions now getting their TV, News, Movies and Media on Streaming Media.

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Your Business on Smart Phones

52% of smartphone owners use voice assistants on their mobile devices.

Your daily/weekly specials, and announcements are delivered to your audience along with news, weather and other interests. 

Users can say "What's Up?" or "Play my News" and your announcements are included in their daily update.

Your Business on Amazon

Amazon represents 49% of the entire US ecommerce market, and 5% of all retail spent in the country.

Each month more than 197 million people visit  Listing your business on Amazon's directory creates a powerful way to connect to those users, and creates back links to your business and site that drive SEO and domain strength.

Alexa Voice Search Business Listing on Amazon
Getting my business on Alexa Amazon

Your Business on Smart Speakers

103 Million Smart Speakers in the United States.  In 2019, 9% of Google Ad traffic migrated to Amazon Ads.   

Smart speaker consumers purchase goods or services 1.5 times a week on smart speakers.  

Your Business live on Alexa.   Get started today, its easyNo risk, no long term contracts.

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