Voice Time Sheets

The industries first voice time sheet platform to collect time from employees, contractors and team members.

Start and Finish Times  - Simply say, "start time", "finish time" and time is recorded to a central time sheet with integration to ADP and other popular time keeping solutions.

Task Level Time - Record time at the task level to categorize time by task, job category, cost center, location codes and more.

Integrate with Payroll - Send recorded time to payroll and HR systems for seamless time integration.

Centralized Time Management - Manage employees, contractors, team members and staff in one place.  By location, cost center, company and division with the voice time management portal.

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Hands Free VoiceTime Feature Overview

VoiceTime is the worlds first hands free time sheet solution for business.    Hands free time reduces timesheet and administrative tracking by a minimum of 1.75 hours per month, per employee.  The typical organization reduces admin costs while increasing profitability by $2000 dollars or more within the first month.

Time Sheet Voice Capture
Capture time with the sound of your teams voice.   Create timesheets in seconds instead of minutes with hands free time.

  • Enter straight hours worked for the day:  "7 Hours for Today".
  • Enter clock-in or clock-out time, as "Start time 7:00AM, End time 4:32PM".

Resources simply speak time into their voice enabled smartphone, smart speaker or other supported device.  Time is instantly captured and available for review online.

Time Sheet Activity Capture
Record activities, locations related to time to associate time worked with projects, locations, and activities.  Integrate into estimates, project controls, schedules, and other activity tracking applications to reconcile time with activities onsite.


Multi-User Management
Whether your organization manages 1 employee or 10,000, hands free timesheets make it easy to manage resources, employees, contractors and anyone tracking time in the office or out in the field.   The timesheet control tower collects time and activities from voice supported devices including: smartphones, smart speakers, and Car/Auto Voice inputs.     Add/Delete employees, resources and contractors all in one place.


Multi User Reporting
Report on timesheets across the entire workforce in a single view.  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, timesheets are centrally managed with the ability to filter by location, division, skill, expertise, or shift.   Easily export time to multiple payroll, HR, and accounting systems including ADP, Quickbooks, HMS TimeControl, Oracle P6 Primavera, MS Project and others.


Unlimited Time Entries
Create unlimited time sheet entries and timesheets with voice enabled hands free time.     SaaS based timesheet reporting makes it simple to collect and report on an unlimited about of time entries.


Web Reporting and Time Approval
Time entered in the field or in the office is instantly available for review online.    Filter by location, task, employee, contractor or resource.  Access, review and approve time from virtually any location via web browser or smartphone.


Smart Speaker Time Capture
Eliminate the issue of "dead batteries",  no cell phones, no cell phone coverage with onsite smart speakers for employees and contractors to speak directly into daily to record time.   Create timesheets with hands free time directly into Alexa and other enabled smartspeakers without the use of a phone.


Smartphone Time Capture
Where a smartphone is the only option at the works site or workplace, hands free timesheets can be recorded directly through a smartphone.   The flexibility to use any device, including phone, smartspeaker, or other enabled device reduces the risk of missing time entries.


Send Time to Payroll
Export time to virtually any 3rd party payroll system including popular solutions like ADP, HMS TimeControl, Quickbooks, Oracle, Sage, Mass90, and other payroll and time keeping payroll solutions.


Industry Voice Time sheets...

  • Legal
  • Non-Profits
  • Engineering
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Construction
  • and more....


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